Azebra is ready for GDPR compliance. As a payroll provider, we have always put privacy and compliance above all else. We are taking all necessary actions to ensure we handle customer data in line with the GDPR requirements.

  • Our clients will receive updated terms of business based on the changes we
  • Our employees will receive updated contracts of employment based on the GDPR requirements and restrictions.
  • Azebra Pay Ltd (The Data Collector and Processor) is committed to compliance and to being transparent.
  • Azebra collects data from employees for the right to work / compliance purposes and to process wages correctly and provide a payroll service. If a prospective employee decided not to go ahead with our services, all personal details could be removed from our systems upon request. However, once an employee has been registered and paid, critical data would need to remain for a given period of time. Full details of how to request removal from our systems can be found in our privacy policy.
  • Information held is strictly confidential and is only used for the purpose in which it was collected Personal data can only be shared where permission has been granted or upon a lawful request.
  • Azebra Pay can show upon request where and how personal information was obtained and the date it was obtained.
  • Our employee registration form and contract of employment outlines what the data will be used for and details of how an employee can request removal of all details in the event of non-activity (i.e. employment does not go ahead).
  • Our clients and employees likewise can request details on what information is being held on record or processed about themselves.
  • Azebra staff are trained to understand the obligations of GDPR and as such Azebra has appointed a Data Protection Officer. As an Employer and Payroll Provider it is critical that Azebra staff are aware of how to process and identify personal information lawfully and in line with GDPR.
  • Azebra Pay does not provide or process any personal information outside of the UK.


Keeping your information

  • Azebra will only use and store our employees’ and client information for as long as it is required and for the purpose it was collected How long it is stored for depends on the information in question, what it is being used for and in some instances statutory legal requirements.

How we keep the data secure

  • Information systems and data security is imperative to us to ensure we keep our clients, employees and Azebra staff safe.
  • We operate a robust and thorough process for assessing and managing any data that has been collected from employees and clients alike. In addition to this we follow a strict security checking process when handling, storing or working with We ensure any data held is protected by multiple layers of security.
  • Azebra staff complete mandatory information security and data training on employment and annually thereafter to reinforce responsibilities and requirements set out in our information security policies.