There are lots of benefits to using AZebra Pay with or without expenses

Umbrella with Expenses

You are still able to claim legitimate T&S (travel and subsistence) expenses if it can be proved that you are not under SDC (Supervision, Direction and Control) for the manner in which you do your work.

In order to prove this, you will need to undertake an SDC test and we will also need to review your status with your agency.

If we can prove that you are not under SDC then you are able to continue to claim legitimate T&S expenses. The SDC test is only relevant to your current assignment and a new test will need to be undertaken for each new assignment. You can let us know when you change assignment by logging in to the portal.

Umbrella without Expenses

From April 2016 many of our contractors will no longer be able to claim the travel and subsistence expenses. If this is the case then you can still enjoy the many benefits of remaining an employee through a company like AZebra.

  • Accurate and reliable payroll service with dedicated account manager
  • All statutory pay including Sick pay and maternity/paternity pay
  • One employer no matter how many agencies or assignments you have – handy in a world where getting finance becomes harder and harder
  • Advice on all aspects of your payroll including expenses you can claim such as site to site travel and training expenses  GET IN TOUCH


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