We work with legislation changes not against them…

We feel that AZebra Pay leads the way when it comes to customer service, accuracy and compliance. That is why our agency clients stay with us and recommend us.

We understand that one shoe does not fit all and therefore take the time to ensure that your contractors are offered solutions that suit their needs. We take care of our employees leaving you free to do what you are good at.

We are a fully compliant company that works with relevant advisor’s and external auditors to ensure that we work with all new legislation rather than trying to avoid it.

We are looking to build relationships with like-minded Agencies. One of our Business Development Managers would be happy to come and meet with you to discuss the benefits of working with AZebra Pay.

Working together

We believe that working with a recruitment agency is a partnership.   We understand the needs of each of our clients and tailor our service accordingly.   Customer service being the driving force of our business has helped us build and retain long term relationships with many clients. If you want to use us to pay 1 or 1000+ contractors, we will look after you and them every step of the way.


We stay current and keep you informed

Legislation changes

Always in line with changing legislation


Auto enrolment makes it easy

We check eligibility

Working with Now:Pensions on your behalf


Always compliant with AZebra

We stay compliant

Protecting clients and employees

Quick registration

Fast turnarounds, promp payment

Dedicated account manager

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