How does it work?

As a self employed contractor within the construction industry you will need to invoice your agency for the work you have completed, arrange to pay your monthly NI contributions and complete an annual self assessment tax return. AZebra Solutions will establish your self employed status, and talk you through the paperwork that is required. Our aim is to take away the hassle and make it as straightforward as possible. GET IN TOUCH

What does AZebra do?

We will invoice your agency or client on your behalf. When the funds are received we will pay them into your account deducting a small company margin. We deduct 20% tax on account from your earnings (if you are registered for payment under the standard rate of deduction). We then pay this to HMRC on your behalf. You will be responsible for paying your National Insurance contributions and completing a self assessment.

What do I need to do?

  • Register for CIS status with HMRC to obtain your UTR number if you haven’t already done so. This can be done by visiting
  • Complete and return an Azebra Solutions application form along with confirmation of your UTR number (if you are still waiting to receive this from HMRC you can still register, just send it along at a later date). Also send a clear copy of your photo identification (please contact us if you are unsure what to send as ID).
  • Complete the Working Status Questionnaire included on the application form. This enables us to establish your self-employed status.
  • Each week or month you may need to send us the details of your hours worked and rate of pay so we can invoice your agency/client. Please note, if your client/contractor or agency operates a self-billing procedure you will not need to inform us of your hours. Note that we will verify your CIS status with HMRC before
    your first payment is made. They will advise us whether to deduct tax at 20% or 30%. By law, subcontractors who do not have a UTR number will have tax deducted at 30%.


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